P-lamp is no bowl, no bulb and no tube. P-lamp is a plate.

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ACRYLAMP discovered a solution for light generation that varies enormous from conventional technologies and holds international patents: A 100 % recyclable illuminant that converts electrical energy almost completely into light and not into waste heat. It’s a linear light source that is integrated into a transparent coplanar panel. The patents were granted in 1996 and the technology continuously developed. The P-lamp is a homogenous lucent panel.

P-lamp allows precise lighting. An unwanted diffusion of the light is impossible. Due to the design, lamps can be built without cavities. The illuminant is powered with DC. Because of that there is no flickering. The result is a harmonic pleasant quality of light.

Light temperatures from warm to daylight quality all the way to cold properties can be chosen. The range of use for lucent panels goes from infrared for controls to ultraviolet light sources for medical applications. 

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