Reference Objects


Every new idea, like the light from the panel, needs a large number of innovative ecologically aware fellow campaigners.


Good to know they are out there.




Everything can be explained with many words. The effect of light must be seen. If you want to inspect the ACRYLAMP-illuminant you have many chances with our reference objects. We invite you to visit us in Hartha. We can give you a tour and explain you the essence of the ACRYLAMP-technology and answer all your questions.




 A secelction of lighting projects with the ACRYLAMP-illuminant:


  • Street lights, Hartha
  • Street lights, Diera
  • Street light, Georgsmarienhütte
  • Hand rail lights, bridge Niederbobritzsch
  • Vehicle lights




Big size references



The floor in front of the SBS stage technology meeting rooms in Dresden is equipped with the modern BLED-lucent boards. Just 2 cm thick are these lucent, 1,8 by 1,5 m big boards that show representative Projects of the SBS stage and metal technology. The energy consumption is extremely low and the whole area is homogeneously illuminated.




Energy efficient street lights




 240 street lamps in Harths were converted to the new BLED-illuminant in 2010. The street lights consume a lot less energy (Comperative Measurement →) than before at a better quality of light. The city of Hartha is a winner of the national competition “energyefficient city lights”. Hartha (PDF) →




Energy efficient street lights



 In Diera, a small village close to the saxony city of Meißen 31 street lights were converted to the new BLED-illuminant in May 2009. The whole conversion took just a few hours. Client: ENSO AG. The original poles and lamp housings could be used. Diera (PDF) →






Glare free hand rail lights for a bridge


The hand rail of the pedestrian bridge in Niederbebritzsch at Bahnhofstrasse 60 got the BLED-illuminant installed in September 2010. Decision criterias for the client were mainly, it’s glare-free, enormous energy savings and very long warranty for the illuminant. Niederbobritzsch (PDF) →






Vehicle lights in continuous operation


More than 500 BLED-lucent panels were build in distributions (over 60 DHL-package vehicles) and sales vehicles from the company RKB body works in 2007.


Decision criteria for the client were the very low energy consumption and the extreme long life expectation of the illuminant. Until today there was no customer complaint about the BLED-lucent panels in spite of the continuous operation. RKB Karosseriewerk (PDF) →




Energy saving street lights


28 Street lights were delivered to Georgsmarienhütte in October 2009. Decision criteria for the client were the high energy savings potential, it’s glare-free and the long term warranty on the illiminant.

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