Pure Quality

P-lamps are manufactured according to all European and American guidelines and have passed successfully all durability tests on our test bench operation.

We set a high value on Quality.

The P-lamp should be long durable. This belongs to a sustainable economic activity and to our ecological promise. Therefore we grant 5 years warranty on our illiminant. Eventually we know exactly what we produce.

We set a high value to avoid light pollution.

The P-lamp allows a precise lighting. An unwanted diffusion of light (e.g. in close by living areas and reflection towards above and so on) does not happen. Good for the neighbour and the night sky.

We set a high value in ecological thinking and acting.

To focus on a low energy consumption to produce light is one ting. But what’s about the materials used for the product. And even more important: What happens with the product after its life span?

Our illuminant lasts very very long. But even when they are not shining one day any more they can be returned into the recovered substance cycle without releasing hazardous gases or metals like with other conventional illuminants. The very low amount of energy to produce the panel light in comparison to the long utilization time is sustainability complemented by the full recyclability (no toxins used).

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