Patented light

The ACRYLAMP-technology is patented in several countries.

The ACRYLAMP-technology was presented on international lighting and advertising fairs and created a positive resonance in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Mos­cow, Orlando, Chicago, Riadh, Vienna und Geneva.




The ACRYLAMP-technology was awarded with a gold medal during the "International fair for inventors" in Genev.



In 2002 the ACRYLAMP-technology and business concept won the National Saxon Innovation Contest „Future Sax".



In 2008 the company was honoured with the inventors award „Heller Kopf" sponsored by the ARD state institution.



The city of Hartha was a winner of the state contest „Energy Efficient City Light" with their pilot project based on the ACRYLAMP-technology.

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