The advantages of the P-LAMP in an overview


  • Extremely high energy efficiency
  • Does not contain mercury, gases nor metal vapours
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Up to 10 times higher life expectancy
  • Low on maintenance and vandalize proof
  • Very low waste heat, 100 % insect friendly
  • Glare free and homogeneous illumination
  • No spreading losses, no flickering, healthy light
  • Modular system (expandable), shape independent


The P-LAMP has, depending on the used Light-bands a 50 to 80 percent higher efficiency factor than all other known energy saving lights. The result: high light output with the lowest energy consumption as of today in the international comparison. Therefore light from the panel can be used self sufficient because even the smallest amounts of energy e.g. from a small solar panel or wind turbine generate enough for optimal operation.

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