4 good Reasons

Preserving energy is more important than ever.

The lighting sector must go through a change as well. The times are over where we burned Millions of Euro each and every year and pushed countless tons of CO² through the chimney only to flood our public streets, tunnels and squares with an enormous amount of light. We must start to rethink.

The P-lamp is the proof that it‘s possible to reduce the energy consumption significantly. Lighting appliances bases on the P-lamp are designed for an optimized interaction of psychological necessary light demand at minimized energy consumption. Up to 80 % savings in energy consumption compared to conventional lighting is possible.

Currently available conventional lighting produces next to light way to much waste heat. But not the P-lamp.

The marginal to non existing waste heat is exceptional only to our technology. It´s beneficial for life expectancy and durability. Heat sinks for a power range of 30W per lamp are not required. The P-lamp has almost no influence to the surrounding temperature.

Many of the conventional lighting devices need a tight closing casing that contains highly toxic substances. But not the P-lamp.

P-lamp is environmental friendly without toxic gases or materials. All materials used are 100 % recyclable.

Conventional light often glares. But not the P-lamp.

P-lamp guarantees healthy light for all living creatures in day light quality. The illuminant is powered with a DC so there is no jitter or flickering. The result is a steady cosy light quality.

Conventional illuminants last. The P-lamp lasts longer.

P-lamp is very long lasting with completely low maintenance. The maintenance for the expected operation of more than 50,000 hours is practically zero. Since we are so confident about it we promise you 5 years guarantee for our P-lamp.

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