Healthy light

Light is so common to us that we barely think about it any more. But we should, especially for the daily things we can’t afford unnecessary high energy consumption.

P-lamp – the light from the panel is a 100% recyclable illuminant that converts the energy into light and not into heat.

A luminous plate that produces a homogenous, healthy light and consumes extremely low energy.


Significant advantages of the P-lamp:

  • Anti-aggresive Light, calming by 0 Hr flickering free
  • Anti-depressive Light by color selection
  • Curative Light by wave length selection
  • Constant glare free Light, 100 % Dark Sky compatibel
  • Ecological Light by merest CO² emission
  • Eco-friendly Light without heat emission
  • Healthy Light for your pay office


Example: P-lamp - Lighting for industrial halls

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